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Our Mission at Movements 4 Life is to help our clients look and feel their best by improving their movement quality through the understanding of 3D motion, gravity, ground reaction force, and chain reaction biomechanics. Derived from these principles we create strategies based on success to facilitate transformation of the mind, body, and spirit which ultimately leads to a more fulfilling life.

Our Vision is to cultivate a goal oriented environment that encourages every client to empower themselves enough to encourage others. By providing our clients with the highest standard of service and best education the industry has to offer, we believe through movement we can inspire the community to be healthy and active with a greater sense of well being.

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  • “I have trained with Alex and his team at M4L for almost 8 years. He is passionate about helping his clients achieve their optimum level of health. When you work with anyone on his team, you get the perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting.”

    Suzanne C.
  • “The shirt’s getting tighter and I’m eating more spinach to keep up with the regimen! More to the point; the work outs are fun and constructive for both body and soul.”

    Chris W.
  • “Seven years ago I underwent spinal surgery and have been training with Alex ever since. He has given me support and encouragement through every step that I take, reminding me that all things are possible.”

    Renee S.
  • “Alex makes working out fun at Movements 4 Life. At the end of our sessions, I always feel like a new, younger person – flexible and full of energy.”

    Nancy G.
  • “Alex and his team at M4L have been a tremendous help for me in losing weight and gaining strength. It’s the first time that exercise hasn’t gotten boring. It’s hard to get bored when you are laughing so much.”

    Sue E.

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