About M4L

alex-soloThe foundation of M4L is built on education. Our journey in our professional development has led us to learn from the best in the industry.  It is our goal to continue to grow as students of human movement and more importantly, to deliver this information to our clients; making you all the smartest training clients around! You can expect a service that is tailored to your specific goals, needs, wants and abilities.  During your experience with us, we will explain and educate you on the rationale for our program design, as this is the basis that will ultimately lead to your success. We feel education is the key component in creating a true transformation, one that lasts a lifetime. The relationship between a coach and a client is deeply rooted in trust and communication. Whenever someone walks through our door, a relationship is already put in motion.  It is our responsibility to nurture and develop quality relationships with each and every client that we work with.  The result creates a culture within M4L that extends well beyond the walls of our facility. Thank you for the opportunity for allowing us to serve you and for allowing us into your lives.

In Health,
Alex Chemerov, President