Fitness Philosophy

Fitness Philosophy: The body was designed to move in three dimensional space. Many workout programs have lost sight of this truth. Here you will find very minimal equipment. Our training will not be spent sitting at a machine, churning calories on a hamster wheel, or moving in isolation. The only machine you must know how to use is your own body! Our objective is to challenge the body, stimulate the mind, and encourage the spirit of all of our clients with integrated three dimensional movements. We work to create a mobile and stable body that can perform fundamental movement patterns to develop strength, power, and endurance, in a safe, balanced, and progressive program. This allows our clients to be better at the movements they perform in their lives.

Here at Movements 4 Life we value progress, efficiency, and results. We believe we have created the best training system to challenge your body, sharpen your mind, and encourage your spirit to help you look, feel, and perform better. To begin we will define the Seven Pillars of Fitness as we believe no fitness program is complete without any one of these elements:

  • Mobility – The body’s ability to move, the shape of motion
  • Stability – The body’s ability to control movement, balance in motion
  • Posture – The body’s static and dynamic form as it relates to function
  • Endurance – The ability to continue doing work over an extended period of time
  • Strength – The ability to produce force against resistance
  • Power – The ability to move explosively and generate force quickly
  • Coordination – The ability to move efficiently through complex patterns

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