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Large Group:

The Large Group class schedule is your one-stop-shop, all-in-one, everything you need program to get to your goals! Designed to balance your physiological needs of energy expenditure across all forms of substrate utilization, get ready to drop pounds, build muscle, improve endurance, and move safely and efficiently in our six different formats.

  • The Burn: The Burn is a Tabata based high intensity interval training class that challenges the six prime movement patterns for eight straight rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Designed to elevate your heart rate and keep it there, you will soon find out where The Burn found its name. Testing your ability to sustain powerful movements your body will be forced to adapt to increase your lactic threshold.
  • The Gamble: The Gamble is a Fartlek based circuit-style class using dice to determine the random work and rest ratios. Challenge your body to progression by never letting it adapt to the ever changing workload. Test your luck with each roll of the dice! Are you feeling lucky?
  • The Storm: The Storm is a high intensity interval circuit that contains energy system development, an upper body movement, a lower body movement, and a core based pattern. This cumulative total body work will result in less intramuscular fatigue but more global exhaustion as you take on each wave of The Storm!
  • The Battle: The Battle is a brutal super-set combination of high intensity interval training offset with strength training. This protocol contains five pairs of a strength based movement and an exercise focused on energy system development or cardio to create a complimentary metabolic strength circuit in all three planes. Are you up for the challenge!?
  • The Wall: The Wall is an undulating format in which the exercises stay the same for the month but the weekly design tweak continually challenges the body.  The first week of the month takes you through 12 exercises for four rounds of ten reps. The second week of the month creates a different challenge as you work to complete each of the 12 exercises for three rounds of 30 second intervals. The third week of the month takes you through the same 12 exercises but now in a pyramid format where the reps change from round to round. The fourth and final week of the Wall completes the 12 established exercises through the LADDER format. This protocol really allows you to learn each exercise thoroughly while challenging the body in different ways. As we say here at Movements 4 Life, “it’s a good meatball!”

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