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The most individualized and comprehensive format of training.  You will get a program that is tailored specifically for you based on your goals, needs, wants and abilities.  You will be progressed through the Movements 4 Life System of Foundations, Performance, Finesse, Conditioning, and Artistry

We begin with FOUNDATIONS where the goal is to create success in all three planes at both ends of each spectrum utilizing 3D MAPS to identify and assess movement quality and efficiency relative to your mobility, stability, and moving posture. This phase of your training is continuous and can either be an execellent part of your movement preparation prior to your workout, or makes for good homeworkable exercise to continue to grow while you are away from the studio. Foundational homework is given by way of our partnership with GoMotive and the Gray Institute to bring you a comprehensive and individualized exercise library available on the App store or your web browser, exclusive to active Movements 4 Life clientele.


As you continue to progress with growing movement efficiency you concurrently enter into our PERFORMANCE phase. The goal of the PERFORMANCE stage is your more typical exercise program complete with the 5 essential movement patterns and a focus on energy system development to improve muscular and cardiovascular endurance, strength, and power. The 5 essential movement patterns are pushing, pulling, squatting, hinging, and core centric patterns performed with a number of tweaks to challenge the muscles and joints in a three dimensional space.

Where most exercise programs fall short is that they stop here after the PERFORMANCE phase eventually leaving gym-goers bored or unfulfilled. We encourage you to take this newfound posture, mobility, stability, strength, power, and endurance to the next stage. The FINESSE period allows you to challenge your body’s ability to coordinate more complex movement patterns and develop movement skills. This area can be anything from sport-skill development to movement creativity. Here we begin to challenge the fascial chains of the body where we focus on the flexion chain, the extension chain, the lateral line chains, and the spiral line chains to integrate even more motion into your program. This phase is typically more cerebral and may not come with the sweat more associated with the PERFORMANCE stage, but it will take you to heights you’ve never been before.

After we have developed these new skills we can begin to create a new type of performance. CONDITIONING is a complex and/or explosive phase where you push the limits of the skills you’ve developed and once again train your Seven Pillars of Fitness (Posture, Mobility, Stability, Endurance, Strength, Power, and Coordination) in an integrated fashion. You can think about it as PERFORMANCE 2.0!

The final phase of our system focuses on reactivity, creativity, flow, and most importantly fun. ARTISTRY is where we take the entire learning process of movement literacy and create a novel. Express yourself through movement, take joy in motion, and play every day!