Total Function Athlete

There are many general misconceptions amongst the world of sports. One of the most prominent of these delusions is that ‘sports equal fitness.’ The truth is, sport does not always equal fitness and many athletes compete on a foundation of dysfunction. Here at Movements 4 Life we recognize the potential for greatness in all student-athletes. We believe that although sport does not necessarily equal fitness, fitness does create athletes; Athletes who can compete at a higher level, achieve their fullest potential, and create additional opportunities for greatness. That opportunity is now here at Movements 4 Life. Work Smarter. Train Harder. Go Further.

taf-content-imageTrain like the pros through a variety of modalities across all planes of motion with loaded and purposeful movement only at Movements 4 Life. The shoe must fit, and the same can be said for exercise and athletics. Not all exercise is beneficial for sport, nor is it necessarily good for injury prevention. Here at Movements 4 Life we identify the specific transformational zones of complex sport specific motions and work to create mobility, stability, endurance, strength, power, adaptability, and resiliency based on the demands at each joint. Our goal is to make sure every athlete is prepared for their sport at the highest level of their potential throughout the year. Each season can be broken down into a periodized model to allow for optimal function just like professional and collegiate athletes. Ideally we begin in the offseason with a high frequency of training focused on identifying weaknesses and restoring balance to the body. Sports are very often asymmetrical and can sometimes lead to injuries when attempting to do symmetrical patterns. First we must restore a functional foundation. Once this base has been established, we can focus more on making the athlete bigger, stronger, faster, etc. However as we enter the pre-season, we must decrease training frequency to allow for more time to focus on sport specific skill development. In these sessions, we focus on maintaining the gains made in the offseason while honing in on the specifics of the sport. As the athlete enters into the season where they are almost always in practice or games, the training changes to focus more on maintenance and injury prevention to make sure the asymmetrical loading of the sport doesn’t create compensations which may lead to decreased performance or injury. Our goal is to keep the athlete on the court, the field, the course, the track, etc while still competing at the highest level. At the conclusion of the season, the athlete will rest to recover before beginning the next offseason!

The Total Function program is a training system for student-athletes to improve from the past, excel in the present, and continue on the path of long-term athletic development well beyond their “Book Bag to Briefcase” transition. We believe a strong client/trainer relationship revolves around trust and respect. We bring elements characteristic in both professional and collegiate athletic systems and deliver them to the high school student-athlete to accelerate progress. Total Function creates a fun environment that inspires, encourages, and motivates the athlete to ultimately improve the scholastic sports experience and the student-athlete transition to collegiate sports. Our progressive, result oriented, and balanced system is designed to provide all athletes with an injury preventative fitness foundation. Our athletes are trained functionally, in multiple planes of purposeful movement and fitness modalities. We apply sound technique, which hones into the sport specific demands of that season. The student-athletes will be equipped with dynamic stability, maximal strength, and explosive power to be leveraged across a variety of sports and positions.